Double Edge Razor Blades
Double Edge Razor Blades
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Double Edge Razor Blades

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After two years of testing and trials, we are SUPER excited to release our very own double edge safety razors blades. These double-edged razor blades were designed and developed by Caisson Shaving Company and uses high-quality 13C26 stainless steel.

These blade's hardness have been tested at 62 HRC (Hardness Rockwell C) and their sharpness was a 0.9N on a standard REDS (Razor Edge Durability and Sharpness) test machine and 8mm-0112 section test media the blades were tested. 

This adds up to a razor with high durability, and extra smoothness when shaving. 

Customer Reviews

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Paul Stockford
Perfect Level of Sharpness

I've tried a dozen or more types of blades and these are definitely my favorite. They give me a good, clean shave without worrying about cuts and nicks that often happen when wet shaving. Not too sharp, not dull at all. I'm on my second box of 100 blades. Caisson is definitely my go-to blade.

The best blades!

I used Astra for years, and then they changed… saw a Facebook ad a couple years ago, and as a vet, the name stuck so when I ran out of my old and got sick of the new Astras, decided to give Caisson a shot- glad I did. Sharp and smooth on my Hensen razor- perfect combo!

Davis S
Excellent value

These razors are one of the best values around. The hundred pack lasts me more than a year. They're sharp and very smooth, making for a comfortable shave. The best part is have a sure supply of safety razors, and don't have to worry about not finding them in stores (they were frequently not available when I went hunting for them.) Stop shaving with those five-bladed monstrosities that mimic a mortgage payment in cost, and use these instead. You'll love them.

C. Wysong
My face is smooth again!

Sharp stuff! I like to be able to control the cutting strength on the razor and the pink soap is also a nice smell. :)

James Stephens
Knife Hand

Wonderful blades, super sharp had to adjust razor settings....kinds like hitting the zero range

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