A barbershop quality shave at home, in the field or anywhere Uncle Sam takes you!
Anyone that has served in the military can relate to this statement:

We're told to embrace the suck, drink water and change your socks, but I wanted to fix the issue that there are still no relevant products on the market in order to allow our soldiers a clean, close shave while in the field.

Other shaving products can melt, leak or explode so that’s why I developed a shaving soap that is tolerant to austere conditions and packaged in a leak proof container.
Our soldiers, or any adventurous gentleman, can now get a clean and close shave while out in the field by just adding a little water to the can and lathering with their hands or with a shaving brush.

Shaving Soaps and Shaving Brushes are handmade in the United States.
Why pay for a monthly delivery of disposable cartridge razors?
The Anti-Subscription Shaving Kit has an entire years worth of shaving supplies in one small kit. One kit... Once a year... Fire and Forget!

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