The Anti-Subscription Shaving Kit

The Anti-Subscription Shaving Kit

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Ditch the subscription! One Box... Once a year... Fire and forget!

The complete kit for anyone looking to revitalize their inner gentleman. This kit comes with a razor stand, premium synthetic badger brush, adjustable double edge safety razor, two cans of shaving soap and a years worth of replacement blades. The kit will also come with a canvas travel pouch. (Style of the pouch may vary depending on availability.)

Start your day off with a proper wet shave, follow it up with some caffeine and the world is yours to conquer! And also, this is a HUGE value! Sold separately this kit would cost $139.00. 


Bohica Blend is a soft blend of Sandalwood and Patchouli.

Fire For Effect will remind you of your First Sergeant's Office. Sweet Tobacco Leaf, Fresh Brewed Coffee and a hint of Vanilla.

Code Four is like a long walk in the sand on Coronado Beach. Crisp Citrus and Eucalyptus will have you smelling nicer than a SEAL on Sunday.

Sniper Scent is an obvious oxymoron. It's unscented.. because snipers.

Pink Mist is a fresh scent of Hibiscus, Pomegranate, Raspberry and Rose. A scent so fresh it'll blow your mind!



Customer Reviews

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This is the greatest shaving kit I've ever bought and it's veteran owned! I would advise anyone wanting to give safety razor shaving a try to buy this kit!

Michael J Barry

The Anti-Subscription Shaving Kit

Dillon Funk
Great customer service and outstanding products.

I initially found your product looking up information on my platoon online (Caisson 1/3IN regiment) and found this brand and I’m so glad I did. This is a very high quality shave kit.

John Ball
Great product

Decided to switch back to a DE safety razor after a couple of decades of using disposable razors. I really like that it is adjustable. Seems to be built with quality materials and good looking design. Very happy with my purchase. I always try to support veteran owned companies whenever possible.

An Amazingly Veteran Friendly Company

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do Caisson justice, there's a limit on characters and I'm not the most eloquent person. BLUF: buy it, you aren't going to be disappointed. I recommend Code 4 if you're having trouble deciding on a scent. Now, I'll tell the longer story for as long as I can type.

I'm active duty US Air Force, I received orders to Yokota AB and shortly after we arrived I discovered Caisson Shaving products in the BX. It was love at first use, what was an original purchase of just shaving soap quickly turned into buying the brush, razor and replacement blades as I found them in the store. The soap foamed up amazingly well, no matter what sort of water I was using. The brush was slightly on the stiff side, but did its job well and produced a great lather, and the razor was one of the best safety razors I've owned. I set aside a much more expensive razor bought in Jacksonville, FL in favor of Caisson's. Of course you need to head to YouTube, or your preferred learning method, to learn use it properly and get the best results, but once you know what you're doing you aren't going to be disappointed.

So, why do I swear that Caisson is one of the best companies any active duty, or veteran can support? For that I have to back up and tell you less than 2 months after we arrived in Yokota my wife had an anomaly on an X-Ray, after a very fast CT scan and MRI we were being aeromedically evacuated to Hawaii, all within the space of a week. Of course, given that little time you always forget to pack something. While I packed the razor and one spare set of blades I forgot to pack anything else. I just wanted to order the anti-subscription kit and get myself situated again, but Hawaii is hard to get things shipped to, especially when you're living in hotels. We weren't in a single one long enough for regular shipping to get anything to us in time.

I sent one message, asking if there was a faster shipping method. I even offered to pay extra for it. What I got back made me a customer for life. Travis literally offered to fly out to Hawaii from I don't know where in the US to hand off a shaving kit. While that ultimately proved to be unnecessary, the personal care taken in making sure I received something seemingly so simple was amazing. There were multiple messages just to make sure the estimated delivery date would still get the shaving kit to the hotel when I was still staying in the hotel. Yes, as anyone in the military knows, shaving every day sucks. Shaving every day with things that aren't what you want to be using sucks worse. Caisson has my trust from now on, beyond just delivering high quality products, they care about their customers. If you're wavering at all, take the plunge! You may need to adjust your shaving routine a little, but you won't be disappointed with the products or the way the company stands behind them.

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