The Anti-Subscription Shaving Kit

The Anti-Subscription Shaving Kit

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Ditch the subscription! One Box... Once a year... Fire and forget!

The complete kit for anyone looking to revitalize their inner gentleman. This kit comes with a razor stand, premium synthetic badger brush, adjustable double edge safety razor, two cans of shaving soap and a years worth of replacement blades. The kit will also come with a canvas travel pouch. (Style of the pouch may vary depending on availability.)

Start your day off with a proper wet shave, follow it up with some caffeine and the world is yours to conquer! And also, this is a HUGE value! Sold separately this kit would cost $179.00. 


Bohica Blend is a soft blend of Sandalwood and Patchouli.

Fire For Effect will remind you of your First Sergeant's Office. Sweet Tobacco Leaf, Fresh Brewed Coffee and a hint of Vanilla.

Code Four is like a long walk in the sand on Coronado Beach. Crisp Citrus and Eucalyptus will have you smelling nicer than a SEAL on Sunday.

Sniper Scent is an obvious oxymoron. It's unscented.. because snipers.

Pink Mist is a fresh scent of Hibiscus, Pomegranate, Raspberry and Rose. A scent so fresh it'll blow your mind!



Customer Reviews

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Matt Chappell
Value and Practicality?

There is no question that this kit is well worth the money. The money I will save on blades throughout my life will pay for this kit tenfold. But is this method of shaving practical? When I first switched from a cartridge razor to the safety razor in this kit, I found myself spending more time shaving and experiencing more cuts. However, after a week or so, I became more proficient and better at shaving with the safety razor and now I am able to obtain cleaner shaves than I had with my old cartridge razor with the added benefit of the awesome smell from the shaving soap following me around for the rest of the day.
Bottom Line Up Front for the kit, I probably still spend a little more time shaving than I used to. But now I actually look forward to the process and spend less money sustaining it. Would recommend.

John G.
Best Shave EVER!

This is a great shaving kit, the quality is amazing! Best part, I have received more complements on the scent of my shave soap/foam then I ever have!

Ryan Nihoris
Great product

On Facebook I was harsh due to the lack of shipping time, the owner reached out to me tried calling me first I didn’t answer because I didn’t know the number he then sent me a text explaining everything and I neglected to respond because I forgot about it and got busy, and to this day I haven’t replied 🤦🏻‍♂️ but if your thinking about ordering I would place that order

james freeman

Switched from cartridge razors and couldn't be happier. Very high quality product and my wife loves the smell of the soaps

Tony M
F*** YEAH!

My kit arrived yesterday and it was well worth the wait of a few extra days from supply issues. I stopped shaving the day I ordered it because I wanted to see how good the unit really is. I have a TOUGH beard! Anyway, I did a pass with each setting until I found the one that worked best for me. This thing is a beast. I picked Fire for Effect and Code Four. Fire for Effect reminds me of an old Master Gunnery Sergeant from my time in the Corps. I like it, the wife not so much. Code Four is a milder scent and my wife loves it. The blades are very bit as sharp as claimed and the packaging is nice too. Overall, this is a high quality shaving set that will make your whiskers quake in fear…. Get one.

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