The Anti-Subscription Shaving Kit

The Anti-Subscription Shaving Kit

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Ditch the subscription! One Box... Once a year... Fire and forget!

The complete kit for anyone looking to revitalize their inner gentleman. This kit comes with a razor stand, premium synthetic badger brush, adjustable double edge safety razor, two cans of shaving soap and a years worth of replacement blades. The kit will also come with a canvas travel pouch. (Style of the pouch may vary depending on availability.)

Start your day off with a proper wet shave, follow it up with some caffeine and the world is yours to conquer! And also, this is a HUGE value! Sold separately this kit would cost $139.00. 


Bohica Blend is a soft blend of Sandalwood and Patchouli.

Fire For Effect will remind you of your First Sergeant's Office. Sweet Tobacco Leaf, Fresh Brewed Coffee and a hint of Vanilla.

Code Four is like a long walk in the sand on Coronado Beach. Crisp Citrus and Eucalyptus will have you smelling nicer than a SEAL on Sunday.

Sniper Scent is an obvious oxymoron. It's unscented.. because snipers.

Pink Mist is a fresh scent of Hibiscus, Pomegranate, Raspberry and Rose. A scent so fresh it'll blow your mind!



Customer Reviews

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mason mcgrew
Not what I expected but exactly what I wanted

I fully expected a cheap plastic handle some chinese razors and a drop shipped soap but still wanted to support a veteran business however I was incredibly and pleasantly surprised the soaps are high quality and smell amazing plus they leave my face feeling nice and smooth not oily or slimey like lesser quality soaps the razors are incredibly high quality american metal and the handle is very heavy well made and fully metal it feels good in my hand and even adjustable which is rare for safety razors I also didn't have high hopes for the brush since I saw it was synthetic however it lathers up and holds lather better than real animal brushes I hope they make more soaps in the future but the scents they have are very pleasant I recommend this to anyone who wants an open ranks inspection style shave they fully deserve my 5/5 rating

Noah Myers
Fantastic Products

Ditch the razors and shave cream you get from those big box stores and try this! Quality products from the Razor to the shave soap (that smells really good). Not only quality products but I have found myself saving money with this kit because I’m not going out and buying those store razors anymore. I shave every third day due to my career. Since I’ve gotten this kit, no more razor bumps and my face feels more refreshed than ever before. 5/5 stars! #FirefighterApproved

Nicholas Sampson
I am satisfied

I love the convince of it, no more trips to the store because I forgot razors



Aaron Curtis
Overall great product

This is an awesome bundle to be able to get a razor and blades and brush and two soaps. Also I did get the last two scented shaving soaps. Would be five stars but the pink mist can did not have the plastic film around it and there was glue in the soap that I had to wash away.

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